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"I came to a point in my life that I realized that if I saw a need that hurt me as much as this need hurt me, then it was clearly the purpose that I was being called to."

-Danius Williams

Ignite Our City came together with a desire to help people come to the realization that they are without a question uniquely made and created for a divine purpose [Psalm 139: 14, Roman 8:28].

We underestimate the value we place on feeling good enough, needed and even included.  Often, many of us attempt to fill these voids in the wrong way or sometimes even the wrong places. 


Ignite Our City is committed to creating environments and pathways to come alongside community members to chase after their purpose.

When Ignite Our City was birthed, it was birthed with a simple idea...

to help ignite, inspire and impact the lives of people.

 As time progressed and the years passed, Ignite became a champion and change agent of many of our communities greatest needs such as the Drug Epidemic, Human Trafficking and Child Education and Poverty.   The work has been life changing for us, volunteers with Ignite and the ones who were served by Ignite.


 Currently and through 2020 and until called differently, we committed to seeing our focus in the following:

#1 Develop and foster focused efforts that ignite individual's purpose.

#2 Empower and equip individuals to pursue their purpose.

#3 Host a central platform that highlights community initiatives to engage with.



Ignite Our City understands that the future lies in the hands of the youth.  That means we have a responsibility to support and teach them well.  That is why we are dedicated to a yearly City Wide Youth Summer Camp, where we inspire, ignite and impact the best humans in our city!


Ignite Our City is all about giving credit where credit is due and not duplicating efforts.  This is why we encourage you to check out our events page where we share upcoming events throughout our city that will help connect, give back and develop new friendships.


Our greatest honor is being permitted to be a part of God's work.  For us, that means helping ignite the hearts of people to be on fire and living on purpose!  Come be a part of our next event and let yourself dive into your next best!

Serve & Connect

We would love to help you connect with local organizations and agencies that could use your gifts and talents!  Please check out this great site from our friends at LoveCbus who are dedicated to seeing our city served with a loving heart.


Join the Ignite monthly newsletter to not only hear about the latest updates about efforts but also to join us in praying for our city!  We have various opportunities throughout the year for this and specific times we gather in person to pray.  


Are you interested in being an Ignite Our city volunteer?  We would love to connect and learn how we can help put your talents into action that fulfills your heart and passions.

Ignite Our City



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